In order to participate on Meet on the Reek you need to complete 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: your contact information so we can let you know about exciting new additions to our Meet on the Reek program as well as important dating tips!
  • Step 2: complete the questionnaire (takes approx 5minutes!) which contains important life probing questions!
  • Step 3: Choose package


Step 1: Personal Information
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Step 2: Questionnaire
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City Chic or Reek! Where do you live and where would you like to live? Hobbies? Are you an adventurer or a shopper, for a mix and match on the Reek? Reek Geek or Eek! How would you describe your personality (in 20 words)? If you were stranded on the Reek and had to choose one person to be there with you, who would you pick (in 20 words)? Just how adventurous are you? Describe your ideal date (in 20 words)? Adventure versus Awful - Describe your worst date (in 20 words)? Are you Reek ready? How fit are you?!

From Friday, September 23 to Sunday 25 Meet on the Reek promises a jam packed weekend of fun, games and social events centred around climbing Croagh Patrick (The Reek), in Westport, County Mayo.

Register now to join in the adventure against the stunning backdrop of one of Ireland’s most beautiful landmarks!